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1st PIDA Week - Accelerating infrastructure implementation for Africa's integration, 13 -17 November 2015


Event Programme (English  806K | French 808K)
Information note document (English 692K)
Accelerating infrastructure implementation for Africa's integration​ - Briefing Notes (English 8.8M)
PIDA - PAP Implementation Progress report - 2015​ (English 2.9M)
After event media coverage (English 209K | French 208K)

Panel on PIDA's Impact on Implementation of the Agenda 2063 Aspirations

Draft Annotated Agenda Panel PIDA Impact Agenda 2063 Aspirations (English 165K)
PIDA Impact on Agenda 2063_IED (English 404K)
PIDA Impact on Agenda 2063_SPPMERM (English 684K)

Panel discussion on "PIDA Creating Jobs for Africa's Youth"

PIDA Creating jobs for Africa’s Youth (English 1.4M)
Job Creation Panel Discussion Flyer (English 226K | French 230K)
Session Minutes (English 81K)

Innovative Funding Initiatives for the Power Sector in Africa

The New Deal on Energy for Africa (English 1.4MB)
Mapping of Energy Initiatives and Programs in Africa (English 447K)
Roles in Unlocking Investment and Enhancing Energy Access in Africa (English 962K)
Innovative Financing Mechanisms for Energy Projects in Africa (English 473K)
WAPP Cote d’Ivoire – Liberia - Sierra Leone - Guinea Interconnection Project “A Case Study of a Transformative Regional Project” (English 3.3M)

Review of the Transport Programmes of the PIDA - PAP

PIDA PAP Transport Sector component (English 624K)
COMESA PIDA projects - Review of the transport programme (English 680K)
ECOWAS PIDA-PAP Transport Projects (English 4.0M)
ETAT MISE EN ŒUVRE DU PIDA-Transport En Afrique Centrale (French 118K)
Le Corridor Abidjan  - Lagos (French 1.2M)

 ICA Project Preparation Facilities Network (PPFN) Meeting

Blending, the EU-AFRICA Infrastrucure Trust Fund (EU-AITF) and PIDA (English 604K)
Water, Energy and Infrastructures in the Sub-Saharian Africa regions within the EU external aid programmes (English 1.4M)
Proposition D'un Nouveau Système De Gestion Du Transit Dans La Region Uemoa (French 704K)
Assessment of “African Infrastructure Project Preparation Facilities -Lessons Learned and Best practices” (English 519K) 

Panel on Gender and Infrastructure  Development

Inclusive Infrastructure: How can we maximise the benefit from regional infrastructure - Bitange​ Ndemo  (English 250K)
​Inclusive Infrastructure: How can we maximize the benefit from regional infrastructure - Zogo Valérie (English 224K)
Gender and Infrastructure Development in Africa: A Focus on Informal Cross Border Trade (English 236K)

Infrastructure Consortium for Africa (ICA) Members Meeting

Infrastructure Financing Trends in Africa - 2014 (English 2.8M)
Diagnostic Study and Project Development/Investment Pipeline for Urban Transport in Sub-Saharan Africa (English 1.7M)
Corridor Development and One Stop Border Post (OSBP) - JICA (English 1.3M)
ICA - Water Sector Platform - GIZ (English 430K)
ICA Secretariat: Energy Sector Platform (English 329K)
Advancing PIDA:The Role of the African Development Bank (English 1.3M)
German Development Cooperation: Support for PIDA – PAP (English 862K)
Transforming Sub-Saharan Africa: Energy Investment Opportunities; World Bank Group (English 3.1M)
Progress on JICA’s Support for Regional Infrastructure Development (English 3.5M)
ICA Secretariat Engagement in PIDA (English 896K)
Assessment of African sub-Regional Development Banks’ Contribution to Infrastructure (English 530K)
Africa Infrastructure Knowledge Program (AIKP) Status Report 2015 - AfDB (English 516K)
Africa Infrastructure Knowledge Program (AIKP) Status Presentation - AfDB (English 516K) 

Infrastructure Consortium for Africa (ICA) Plenary Meeting

Session 2 - Renewable Energy Initiatives and Issues on Implementation

Implementing Renewable Energy Initiatives in Africa - Fast Forward to 300 GW (English 2.0M)

Session 3 - The Institutional Landscape of Regional Renewable Energy Initiatives in Africa

Way Forward on roles of government, RECs, DFIs and the private sector on moving towards 300GW of Renewable Energy by 2030 (English 186K)

Session 4 - Private Sector: Lessons Learnt in Promoting Clean Energy Development in Africa

Implementing Renewable Energy Projects in sub-Saharan Africa Challenges and Successes of Lake Turkana Wind Power Project (English 791K)
Gigawatt PV Project (Rwanda) - Gigawatt Global (Photos 796K)
Solar Energy Development in Morocco (English 1.0M)
Rollout of Solar-Hybrid Mini Grids in Tanzania (English 897K)
Lessons Learnt Developing Hydro Projects IPS Experience – Ruzizi III (English 557K)

Victoria Falls PAS Validation Meeting April 2015 Presentations

Victoria Falls PAS Validation Meeting April 2015_BATOKA_PPP MoF (English 519K)
Victoria Falls PAS Validation Meeting April 2015_Batoka_SAPP (English 1.4M)
Victoria Falls PAS Validation Meeting April 2015_ECOWAS (English 538K)
Victoria Falls PAS Validation Meeting April 2015_OMVG (French 2.3M)
Victoria Falls PAS Validation Meeting April 2015_Ruzizi III CEPLG (French 2.0M)
Victoria Falls PAS Validation Meeting April 2015_Tanzania Ports Authority (English 1.8M)
Victoria Falls PAS Validation Meeting April 2015_WEF (English 1.5M)
Victoria Falls PAS Validation Meeting April 2015_ZTK_SAPP_COMESA (English 1.2M)

Africa Infrastructure Synthesis Documents