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Africa’s extensive population growth projections mean that by 2040, transport volumes will increase 6-8 times (even up to 14 times in some countries), while port throughput will rise to more than 2 billion tons.

The vision for the Transport sector is an integrated African continent where transport infrastructure and services enable the free movement of goods and passengers through the provision of efficient, safe, secure, reliable and seamless transport options at affordable rates to support environmentally and economically sustainable regional development.

PIDA’s transport projects are intended to link the continent’s major production and consumption centres and major cities. Port- and rail-related projects are based on the least cost hubs and routes in order to open up land-locked countries for improved regional, continental and ultimately global trade.

PIDA’s 24 priority transport projects will focus on enhancing inter-regional connectivity, corridor modernisation, as well as the improvement of the continent’s port, railway and air transport systems. Transport costs will be reduced significantly through the implementation of the PIDA projects, which in turn will boost regional and global trade. Within the African regional transport infrastructure network, transport efficiency gains will be at least $172 billion, with the potential for even larger savings.