16 Infrastructure Projects for African Integration is a component of ECA’s Project 16-16-16, developed in partnership with NEPAD Agency to accompany the implementation of the outcome of Dakar Financing Summit  (DFS) in a minimum of 16 countries, beginning from 2016. This book is condensed from two technical reports prepared by NEPAD Agency and ECA: one in support of the DFS on Infrastructure Financing of June 2014 and the other as a result of a request by African heads of state for ECA and NEPAD Agency to undertake an in-depth study on domestic resource mobilization in Africa to implement various national and regional programmes of NEPAD, including the Programme for Infrastructure Development in Africa (PIDA). Sixteen of the PIDA Priority Action Plan (PAP) projects were endorsed for accelerated implementation by African heads of state at DFS.

The book therefore, is repackaged for the benefit of high net-worth investors and others who may have interests in any of the 16 DFS projects and who require a one-stop document that can respond to critical questions and inquiries to guide investment decisions. The 16 DFS projects are strategic and regionally balanced and at different stages of the project development cycle. They were selected for their strategic, political and economic importance as flagship regional projects.

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