The NEPAD Short Term Action Plan (STAP) on infrastructure is a continental programme which is drawn from programmes of member states and their respective Regional Economic Communities (RECs). Its implementation is primarily the responsibility of African countries and their RECs, facilitated by the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD) and this report presents an overview of the findings of the third review of the progress made in the implementation of the NEPAD Short Term Action Plan (STAP).

The report is constructed from the findings detailed in the Project Implementation Status Reports (PISRs) which were prepared following visits to the seven RECs to ascertain the current status of the implementation of the STAP projects under review. Offering a sector-by-sector review of associated projects, progress of the four sectors has been provided according to initiatives in capacity-building, facilitation, investment and study projects.

The analysis outlines the key challenges affecting projects in these sectors including a ranking in terms of the severity with which each challenge affects the progress of the NEPAD STAP projects. Possible solutions and institutions for addressing these challenges have also been identified and in terms of the future outlook, each of the STAP projects has been categorised in order to suggest a way forward, with recommendations shared. Ultimately, the report aims to support stakeholders in fast-tracking the implementation of regional infrastructure projects and programmes and while recommendations have parallels in other countries, they have been tailored for Africa.

The review of the Short Term Action Plan (STAP) was completed in 2010 and is available for download.

Implementation Review of the NEPAD Infrastructure Short Term Action Plan Download 
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