The NEPAD Regional Integration Infrastructure and Trade Programme (RIITP) is responsible for advancing regional infrastructure development, promoting regional integration, supporting trade facilitation initiatives and strengthening the NEPAD Agency’s relationship with its stakeholders and partners. In this regard, RIITP works closely with the Department of Infrastructure and Energy (DIE) and the Department of Trade and Industry of the African Union Commission (AUC), the Regional Economic Communities (RECs), the AfDB’s NEPAD, Regional Integration & Trade Department (ONRI) and UNECA’s Regional Integration, Infrastructure and Trade Division (RIITD). The work of RIITP is further supported by development partners such as the European Union and GIZ.

In addition to statutory policy and governance meetings, effective implementation of infrastructure projects under the continental framework of the Programme for Infrastructure Development in Africa (PIDA) requires joint planning with key stakeholders and partners to maximise collaboration, ensure promote alignment in execution of activities and facilitate information-sharing. RIITP has held such joint planning meetings since 2015, the most recent one being in August 2018.

Further to the outcomes achieved in past years and taking into account several developments including the transformation of the NEPAD Agency into the African Union Development Agency (AUDA-NEPAD), the renewal of the GIZ support to PIDA, the support to PIDA from the European Union and the proposal for the second phase of the PIDA Capacity Building Grant from the African Development Bank, the Regional Integration Infrastructure and Trade Programme (RIITP) will hold a planning meeting from 19-22 February in Magaliesberg, South Africa.  The planning meeting seeks to bring together key stakeholders to review and track the progress and results of 2018 and to review and agree on the proposed work-plan for 2019 to ensure the delivery of key results in 2019. The agreed to work-plan will take into account the approved NEPAD 2019 work-plan and the activities of the various partners, supporters and stakeholders to arrive at a consolidated plan.   This process further strengthens RIITP’s approach to accelerating key infrastructure projects.

Meeting Objectives

The main objective of the meeting is develop a consolidated work-plan for 2019 that takes into account key stakeholders and partners. Specifically, the planning meeting objectives are to:

  • Review 2018 progress and results
  • Review 2019 work-plans and develop joint plans for Q2 and Q3
  • Agree on a common PIDA implementation approach
  • Look-ahead to PIDA implementation in 2020 and beyond, including the development of the next Priority Action Plan

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