Intra- African trade has lagged over time due to low levels of trade facilitation and industrialisation despite rapid growth in trade over recent decades. Studies have identified impediments to trade growth and competitiveness on the continent and found that while movement along major highways is relatively quick, processes and procedures at ports, borders, and checkpoints established along corridors is increasingly prohibitory. Central to facilitating intra-regional trade and the efficient and timely movement of people, goods and services to promote regional integration is the concept of One Stop Border Posts (OSBPs).

In 2012, as part of promoting regional integration as articulated in the AU Agenda 2063, the AU adopted the Programme for Infrastructure Development in Africa (PIDA) and its associated Priority Action Plan (PAP), prioritising continental programs to address the perpetual infrastructure deficit. Currently, more than 80 OSBPs have been planned and/ or implemented in various parts of Africa and in order to track their respective developments, the first edition of the OSBP Sourcebook was published in 2011 and proved to be a unique and useful tool for implementers of OSBPs. The second edition, updated to enable implementers to learn from current knowledge, experience, and good practices was completed in 2016 and is available for download.

OSBP Sourcebook 2nd Edition - EnglishDownload 
OSBP Sourcebook 2nd Edition - FrenchDownload 
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