The PIDA Implementation Progress Report 2015 presents a comprehensive summary of the gains that have been made thus far in the implementation of PIDA, as well as to provide a candid review of the challenges and lessons learnt to ensure accelerated implementation of this ambitious continental plan. The report puts forward interventions undertaken to facilitate PIDA’s implementation and shares an update on the infrastructure projects by providing verified and reliable data on project progress.

During 2014, challenges that hampered the accelerated implementation of projects were identified and documented for remedial action. In particular, at the Dakar Financing Summit in June of that year, various key challenges were recognised and discussed with stakeholders for solutions.

The 2014/15 Progress Report is offered in two volumes where Volume I presents interventions undertaken to advance the PIDA programme as well as create an enabling environment for infrastructure implementation. Volume II, on the other hand, focuses on sharing an update on selected physical infrastructure and ICT projects, for which data was available.

Lastly, the report outlines the next steps for the programme and puts forward recommendations for consideration to ensure successful project implementation. This report, which was compiled for the purpose of informing and updating PIDA stakeholders on the work carried out in the 2014/15 year, is available for download.

PIDA Progress Report - 2015Download 
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