The 2016 PIDA PAP Progress Report provides a summary update of progress made in implementing the programme. Data was collected from questionnaires sent to PIDA stakeholders and updates gleaned from progress reports of various PIDA programmes. Additional input was provided by various PIDA partners and stakeholders. Specifically, PIDA Progress Report presents updates on specific elements of the programme that facilitated implementation throughout the year, as well as the results achieved in this regard. It also provides updates on specific support to interventions from partners and key stakeholders. This results-based report starts with implemented activities and, where possible, details higher level results. In addition, it outlines key challenges in implementation.

The annexure section presents updates on project fiches for key priority projects identified at the Dakar Financing Summit and in the Africa Power Vision, as well as priority projects identified by the NEPAD Agency for the year 2016. Given the complex nature of the programme and the array of stakeholders involved, the report is an exhaustive progress update. It provides important elements against which the performance of PIDA can be gauged. In addition, it details the important adjustments made and lessons learned to apply a continuous improvement approach to gain critical momentum for implementation.

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