The Heads of State approved the 69 PIDA Priority Action Plan II projects during the Africa Union Heads of State and Government Summit held in February 2021. Subsequent to the approval, the African Union Development Agency (AUDA-NEPAD) held a technical meeting on the 5th and 6th of May 2021 to discuss the status of each of the PIDA PAP II Infrastructure projects.

As the lead coordinating agency for the PIDA PAP II projects, AUDA-NEPAD organized a two-day virtual technical meeting to discuss the list of PIDA PAP II projects. The meeting was attended by technical experts from PIDA stakeholders, African Union Commission (AUC), African Development Bank (AFDB) United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), Regional Economic Communities (RECs), and Member States (Project Owners) to appraise the status of the projects and for AUDA-NEPAD to present the next steps on PIDA PAP II projects as well as present the PIDA instruments and accompanying strategies (i.e. Implementation Strategy, Financing Strategy, and Partnerships Strategy) that are used to support the acceleration of PIDA PAP II projects as well as discuss the status of each project.

The 69 PIDA PAP II projects discuss at the event, consist of 28 Transport Projects, 18 Energy Projects, 12 Water Projects, and 11 Information Communication Technology (ICT) projects. These projects were presented by the respective RECS and Member States (Project Owners) in parallel sessions arranged according to the REC. This enabled participants to gather more in-depth information through a wide lensed overview for each sector project and region. As part of the technical discussions at the event, AUDA-NEPAD, AfDB, and UNECA presented the PIDA PAP II Implementation Strategy, Financing Strategy, and Partnerships Strategy respectively to showcase how these projects will be supported by the organizations in the implementation phase.

AUDA-NEPAD further presented instruments such as the Job Creation Toolkit, Service Delivery Mechanism (SDM), PIDA Quality Label (PQL), Quick Check Methodology (QCM), and the Continental Business Network (CBN). These instruments were developed to accelerate the PIDA PAP projects implementation. Instruments like SDM are key instruments for AUDA-NEPAD to drive project acceleration and strategic alignment for project implementation. Further information about these instruments can be found on Virtual PIDA Information Centre (VPIC), an online central platform used by PIDA to share information on PIDA Projects to all public users.

The virtual event successfully managed to create a platform of engagement for all participants to understand the status of each project presented. A clear and understandable process for PIDA PAP II was defined and an opportunity was presented for project sponsors to cooperate with PIDA Stakeholders to advance the projects. The event has enhanced a better and a clear understanding of the role of AUDA-NEPAD, together with Partners, Stakeholders, in the advancement of PIDA PAP II projects as well as highlighted the need of each project.

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