The NEPAD Agency and Global Water Partnership (GWP) have today signed an MoU to accelerate the implementation of priority continental water infrastructure projects within the framework of the Programme for Infrastructure Development in Africa (PIDA) and the Africa Investment Programme (AIP).

The MoU was signed on the margins of PIDA Week, an annual event organized by the African union, NEPAD Agency and the AfDB, jointly with other strategic partners. The event brings together, on an annual basis, various stakeholders involved in Africa’s Infrastructure Development.

The collaboration will contribute to Africa’s transboundary water investments, development, and the NEPAD Agency mandate in particular through the implementation of the PIDA water transboundary projects. Transboundary Water project owners must engage our two institutions and facilitate the successful implementation of this MOU through their full engagement in the delivery of the regional integrated agenda tasked on us all by the Africa Union and our member states” said the NEPAD Agency CEO, Dr. Ibrahim Mayaki during the signing ceremony.

According to  AfDB[1] , by 2030, the African population will reach 1.6 billion. To meet the needs of the continent, Africa will need to produce at least 50% more food; and at least a tenfold increase in water needs for energy production to support modernisation of economies and social progress. Rapid urbanisation and industrialisation will increase water demand, increase environmental degradation and pollution of water bodies. Urgent measures and leadership is required to address impacts of climate change on water availability, to scale up water investments, protect and better manage Africa’s freshwater resources and avert the growing risks and uncertainties to economic productivity and political stability.

 “Through the Africa Water Investment Programme (AIP), GWP will mobilise its partners and foster innovative partnerships between the public and private sector to accelerate project preparation of water investments, ensure that these processes are sustainable through good water governance building on the foundation of integrated water resources management. Our joint partnership with NEPAD Agency will support analytical studies and interventions to accelerate preparation of bankable transboundary PIDA water projects that will stimulate job creation, industrialization and achievement of SDGs”, said Dr. Kuiri F Tjipangandjara, Chair of GWPSA and African Coordination unit.

The partnership between the two agencies will support project preparation, transaction management, resource mobilization, advocacy, capacity development, research and knowledge sharing in the joint implementation of transboundary water projects through a nexus approach.

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