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By Ephrem Hailu  /  March 12, 2018
“Infrastructure development is central to creating favourable conditions for Africa’s industrialisation to address the needs of Africa’s youthful population, urbanisation, unemployment and Africa’s aspirations for double-digit growth,” said Symerre Grey-Johnson, Head of Regional Integration, Infrastructure and Trade at the NEPAD Agency. Mr Grey-Johnson was speaking on 12 March at a workshop held at the NEPAD Agency in Johannesburg, to prepare...
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MoveAfrica to set the tone for Regional Aviation Master Plans

By Ephrem Hailu  /  March 5, 2018
Currently, 80 percent of air traffic in Africa is carried by non-African airlines. African airlines carry less than 3 per cent of the global air traffic, even though the continent constitutes over 17 percent of the world’s population. In addition, though Africa contributes to only 1 percent of global air cargo, this figure also accounts for 35 per cent of...
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NEPAD builds synergies to advance regional integration and trade

By Ephrem Hailu  /  March 2, 2018
“The NEPAD Agency Regional Integration, Infrastructure and Trade Programme remains crucial for the Continent as over 58 % of Agenda 2063’s First 10 years’ implementation plan is aligned to regional infrastructure and trade,” said Symerre Grey-Johnson, who was speaking on behalf of the NEPAD Agency CEO, Dr Ibrahim Mayaki. As Head of the NEPAD Agency Regional Integration, Infrastructure and Trade...
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Energy for Africa

By Ephrem Hailu  /  February 20, 2018
Africa is the continent of opportunity for the serious energy investor. There is ample choice for the discerning entrepreneur with vast natural energy resources ranging from coal, gas, hydro, solar, wind and geothermal. Access to electricity means access to opportunity and the chance for Africa to reach its economic potential. With an increasing number of urbanising youth and above average...
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Progress on the African Integrated High Speed Railway Network

By Ephrem Hailu  /  February 7, 2018
Given the pan-African nature of the continental high speed rail project, a key objective of the African Integrated High Speed Railway Network is connectivity of Africa’s capital cities and mega-cities, including but not limited to, commercial hubs/economic zones, and tourist destinations, among others. The viability and sustainability of the project will largely depend on the extent to which its development...
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Aviation to be included in PIDA

By Ephrem Hailu  /  January 28, 2018
Dr Ibrahim Mayaki, CEO of the NEPAD Agency, held a meeting with the President of International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), Dr Olumuyiwa Benard Aliu in Addis Ababa. The meeting was held to deliberate the design of an aviation programme under the Programme for Infrastructure Development in Africa (PIDA) that both the NEPAD Agency and ICAO could support. During the meeting...
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