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PIDA 2019 need for financial resources

By Ephrem Hailu  /  November 26, 2019
While the infrastructure and infrastructure services gap in Africa remains high, there is increasing activity and investment efforts on the continent against a background of an ambitious long-term plan for closing Africa’s infrastructure gap, called the Programme for Infrastructure Development in Africa (PIDA), that African heads of state and government endorsed in 2012. PIDA PAP1 consisted of over 400 projects,...
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Accelerating Regional Infrastructure Development

By Ephrem Hailu  /  October 21, 2019
The Presidential Infrastructure Championing Initiative (PICI) was hosted by the Government of the Arab Republic of Egypt in Cairo, on 21 October 2019. The PICI Inter Ministerial Meeting, under the chairmanship of the Minister Mohammed Khalil Abdel Aty with the support of AUDA-NEPAD as the secretariat for PICI, discussed the detailed report that was prepared by the PICI Technical Task...
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AUDA-NEPAD Introduces Competitive Electricity Market to North Africa

By Ephrem Hailu  /  September 11, 2019
AUDA-NEPAD joined hands with UMA (Union Arab Maghreb) and COMELEC (Magreb Electricity Committee) and organised a workshop for the UMA Countries and Egypt on the introduction of competitive electricity market to the North Africa Region. This is in order to efficiently utilise the enormous energy resources available in North Africa and to enable each country to source electricity on the...
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Africa has it all! One Stop Border Post (OSBP) as an Instrument to Trade Facilitation

By Ephrem Hailu  /  July 31, 2019
Trade has been a major driver of Africa’s economic growth and receives increasing emphasis in regional and national development plans. Shippers demand high performing corridors that reduce cost and time spent on transport and logistics and increase the reliability and predictability of the corridors. Hence trade facilitation is key to continued trade growth. However, recent studies conducted by World Bank...
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AUDA-NEPAD Tools Supporting Implementation of Infrastructure Projects

By Ephrem Hailu  /  July 4, 2019
To effectively support implementation of the Programme for Infrastructure Development in Africa Priority Action Plan (PIDA-PAP), AUDA-NEPAD relies on data generated by project owners, African Union member countries and Regional Economic Communities to monitor progress. Although work has been ongoing to improve the flow of information on regional and continental PIDA projects, challenges remain, in terms of data collection, verification...
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African Governments urged to rethink ICT as a prime and primary sector

By Ephrem Hailu  /  June 28, 2019
Better connectivity will also be an important step to increasing the ICT sector’s contribution to Africa’s GDP, which currently stands at just 5%. But government’s investments in ICT are lacking. Symerre Grey-Johnson, Head Regional Integration and Trade Division- AUDA-NEPAD Agency highlights how African governments can finance ICT infrastructure. The highlights were made in an interview with The Guardian during the...
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