PIDA Vision

PIDA’s Energy vision is to develop efficient, reliable, affordable and environmentally friendly energy networks and to increase access to modern energy services for all Africans through:

  • The development of continental clean power generation and transmission projects.
  • Implementation of high-capacity oil and gas pipeline projects.
  • Developing renewable energy resources.

PIDA’s Water vision is to promote and enhance integrated water resource management through:

  • The development of transboundary water infrastructure to service the growing water demand.
  • Strengthening institutions for efficient cooperation on shared water resources.

PIDA’s Transport vision is an Africa where transportation services enable the free movement of goods and people through efficient, safe, affordable and reliable transportation services through:

  • Connecting cities through modern roads and railways.
  • Developing modern African Regional Transport Infrastructure Network (ARTIN) corridors, through the development of world-class ports and air transport services.

PIDA’s ICT vision is to enable all Africans have access to reliable and affordable ICT networks through:

  • Meeting Africa’s demand for broadband at an affordable cost.
  • Increasing access and security of access to internet services
  • The promotion of intra-African ecommerce.
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