3,050 MW Mambillla Hydroelectric Power Project

3,050 MW Mambillla Hydroelectric Power Project


Mambilla Power project is a 3.05GW hydroelectric facility being developed on the Dongo River near Baruf, in Kakara Village of Taraba
State, Nigeria. The project is being undertaken by Nigeria’s Federal Ministry of Power and is expected to go into full commercial
operation in 2030. When completed Mambilla will be Nigeria’s biggest power plant, producing approximately 5.457 billion kWh of
electricity a year. The project objectives are to:
• To increase electricity access of the country; stimulate economic growth development and enhancement of living standards of
millions of Nigerians and neighbouring countries, in particular increase power export to Niger, Togo, Benin and Chad
• increase Nigeria’s current electricity generation by 30% and the country’s baseload electricity generation capacity, hence improving
grid stability
• The project will be a major source of additional power generation capacity that will make Nigeria meet its 90% electricity access
rate by year 2030, as well as increase renewable energy use to 30% by year 2030.


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September 6, 2023

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