Baynes Hydropower Project

Baynes Hydropower Project


The Baynes HydropowerpProject is a joint project between Angola and Namibia. The project involves the construction of a hydropower dam on the Cunene River, 48 km downstream of the Epupa Falls. It is envisaged that the Baynes mid-merit/peaking power station’s capacity will be in the range of 600 MW, which will be shared equally by Namibia and Angola. Like the Ruacana Power Station, the new dam will function as a mid-merit peaking station, which will help to offset costly power imports during peak hours. During the wet season the Baynes Power Station is predicted to run at full capacity, while during the dry season the generators will generate at maximum during mid-merit/peak periods only, while 71 MW would be generated during the off-peak periods. The project objectives are to:
• Provide clean energy and contribute to sustainable industrial and economic development in the two countries
• Reduce the current levels of power deficits in the two countries and increase access to electricity to various parts of the two countries
• Contribute to increased SAPP Energy Market capacity.


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September 6, 2023

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