Construction of Amilcar Cabral Submarine Cable System

Construction of Amilcar Cabral Submarine Cable System

The project aims to link some West African countries to the submarine Cable Ella Link, which connects Brazil to Europe, in order to strengthen their international IT connectivity. The new cable will run from Cape Verde to Liberia, with 4 branching units to Gambia, Guinea Bissau, Guinea and Sierra Leone and 2 stubs for future expansion to the North and South respectively.
The entire length of the cable system will be about 3,555 km with an estimated lifetime of 25 years.
Among others, the main project objectives are to:
• Strengthen international IT connectivity and guarantee redundancy
• Contribute to the digital development
• Facilitate socio-economic development
• Improve Cape Verde’s integration with the West Africa.



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September 11, 2023

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