Louga Hydroelectric Power Plants 1 and 2 (246 MW)

Louga Hydroelectric Power Plants 1 and 2 (246 MW)

Among the priority projects included in the ECOWAS Master Plan for the Development of Regional Means of Production and Transmission
of Electric Power 2019-2033 is the Louga 1 and 2 hydroelectric power plant project. 297.6 million m3 • Construction of a dam 1 683 m
long and 30m high • Installation of 3 bulb-type groups totaling 126 MW. The project objectives are to:
• Reduce greenhouse gases (GHG) by 28% by 2030 compared to 2014 which corresponds for the Electricity Sector to an energy
mix including 42% of renewable energies
• Reduce dependence on fossil fuels and diversify the electricity mix of Côte d’Ivoire’s electricity sector in order to prevent a single
source of production from exceeding 60% of installed capacity
• Enhance sustainable integration of national networks in the ECOWAS community, with a view to facilitating energy exchanges
and trade between member states
• Diversify the energy mix and reduce greenhouse gases, Coping with the growth in demand, Improving the quality of service
and Stimulating economic growth at national and sub-regional levels.


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September 6, 2023

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