Noordoewer/Vioolsdrift Dam

Noordoewer/Vioolsdrift Dam


The Orange River System (ORS) is one of the most highly developed River Systems in Southern Africa. In September 2015, Namibia and South Africa, under the auspices of the PWC, commissioned the Noordoewer / Vioolsdrift Dam (NVD) Feasibility Study. The study investigated many possible options and in 2016 initially concluded that the optimal NVD would have a wall height of about 73m, with a storage capacity of 2,800 million m3 and would be of concrete faced rock fill type (CFRD).

The project objectives are to:

• Increase the long-term sustainable yield of the Orange River System
• Provide for the projected growth in water requirements in the Orange River SystemImprove water supply and sanitation
• Compensate for the impact of the implementation of the Reserve on the yield of the Orange River System
• Provide a re-regulation storage on the Lower Orange River to allow for releases to be made to correct the seasonal distribution of flows in accordance with the riverine Ecological Water Requirements (EWRs) in the Lower Orange River.


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September 11, 2023

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