Noumbiel Multipurpose Dam

Noumbiel Multipurpose Dam

The idea of building the Noumbiel dam was born in the 1970s to strengthening cooperation between the Republic of Ghana and the Burkina Faso formerly called Upper Volta. Since then, several negotiations have taken place and focused mainly on the purpose of the work that Ghana wants hydro-agricultural and Burkina hydroelectric. The project objectives are:

• Poverty reduction, economic growth, strengthening resilience to climate change, promoting gender and improving the living conditions of populations living both in the area under direct influence
• It will enable the land enhancement, access to electrical energy, Drinking Water Supply (AEP) and the creation of productive activities in the field of fishing, livestock and tourism for the surrounding area, as well as the strengthening of cooperation between the populations established there
• Multiplier effects, favorable to the creation of development opportunities and the opening up of the region


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September 11, 2023

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