2017 PIDA Week

Regional Infrastructure Development for Job Creation and Economic Transformation”

10 – 14 December  2017
The Dome, 5371 Welwitschia Street Swakopmund, Namibia

PIDA Week 2017 in Pictures and Videos

CBN Media Breakfast Session
High Level Round-table on Job Creation, Trade Facilitation and Economic Transformation through Regional Infrastructure
PIDA Week 2017 Opening
CBN Media Breakfast Session
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High Level Round-table on Job Creation, Trade Facilitation and Economic Transformation through Regional Infrastructure
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PIDA Week 2017 Opening
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“The Programme for Infrastructure Development in Africa (PIDA) constitutes a great achievement for Africa since all key stakeholders in infrastructure have merged their priorities into a single continental programme and decided to speak in one voice. Infrastructure forms the backbone of the African economy, having been responsible for more than half of Africa’s recent improved growth performance and with the potential to contribute even more in the future. The opportunity ahead will require us to roll up our sleeves towards action. We need to work towards visible results for PIDA that can impact the lives of Africans. And with every activity going forward we need to focus on unlocking the economic potential of Africans. This will be the opportunity that will drive each of us at the African Union Commission so we can together realize the Africa Union’s Vision and Strategic Plan for an integrated, prosperous and peaceful Africa”.

H.E. Dr. Amani Abou-Zeid
Commissioner for Infrastructure and Energy
African Union Commission

’The Africa We Want’ through Agenda 2063 will not be possible without increased investment in infrastructure. If managed prudently and effectively, infrastructure can contribute to creating employment opportunities and reposition the continent to becoming competitive in the global trading environment. Accelerating the development of Africa’s regional infrastructure could be the game changer that will trigger industrialisation and create jobs. It is for this reason that African leaders developed the Programme for Infrastructure Development in Africa (PIDA) in 2012, as the means for socio-economic growth and intra-African trade.”

Dr Ibrahim Assane Mayaki
Chief Executive Officer
NEPAD Planning and Coordination Agency

“The African Development Bank is strongly committed to infrastructure development in the continent. Infrastructure promotes trade and creates a conducive environment for investments and business. PIDA implementing partners have made significant strides in promoting trade and economic transformation through regional infrastructure development. The Bank aims to attract more capital into the infrastructure sector by helping governments structure transactions to contribute to the financing of infrastructure. Expectations are high that the PIDA Week meeting will provide a fresh impetus towards PIDA implementation as co-financing and partnerships remain critical towards mobilizing more resources for PIDA implementation.”

Khaled Sherif
Vice President, Regional Development, Integration and Business Delivery
African Development Bank

Elephant Hills Resort, Park Way, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

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