September 2017

Launch of 5% Agenda at NASDAQ, New York

The NEPAD Agency’s Continental Business Network, along with Africa investor (Ai), gathered international investors and CEO-level business leaders at NASDAQ on the 18th of September, for the launch of the 5% Agenda initiative. The 5% Agenda campaign highlights that only a collaborative public-private approach can efficiently tackle these issues and calls for allocations of institutional investors to African infrastructure to be increased to the declared 5% mark. Speaking at the launch event in New York, Ibrahim Assane Mayaki, NEPAD Chief Executive Officer, indicated that, for pension and sovereign wealth funds to invest in large-scale infrastructure projects in Africa, a variety of issues need to be addressed to facilitate long-term allocations. Chief amongst these matters is the need to reform national and regional regulatory frameworks that guide institutional investment in Africa.

First PIDA Public Private Partnerships Training Module in Dakar, Senegal

For the first time the NEPAD Agency and AUC-DIE in cooperation with the AfDB and the German government (via GIZ), organized capacity development training scheme for public officials/project implementers from Regional Economic Communities, national infrastructure departments and specialized institutions. Accordingly, the expertise in preparing, negotiation, procuring and managing PPPs for large scale and cross-border infrastructure projects was strengthened. The training was held in Dakar, Senegal.

July 2017

Endorsement of PIDA Action Plan by AU Executive Council during AU Summit

The executive council of the AU endorsed the report of the first Specialized Technical Committee (STC) on Transport, Energy and Tourism as well as the sector action plans and the specific action plan for PIDA. Additionally, Member States were asked to further commit to the implementation of the Yamassoukrou Decision; to commit to PIDA and its significance for the implementation for Agenda 2063 and 2030 – call on Member States to mobilize resources and that generally PIDA and large scale infrastructure is significant in creating jobs.

March 2017

The first AU Specialized Technical Committee on Infrastructure recognizes PIDA

The first ordinary session of the African Union specialized technical committee on transport, transcontinental and inter regional infrastructure, energy and tourism took place from 13th – 17th of March 2017 in Lomé, Togo. Among others, The Declaration of Lomé invited all African stakeholders to enhance coordination and synergies in regard to PIDA; requested Member States to include PIDA PAP projects in their national budget and infrastructure plans and requested AUC-DIE and NEPAD to finalize the PIDA Job Creation Toolkit in order to successfully estimate and track labour market effects of regional infrastructure.

November 2016

Second PIDA Week held and PIDA Progress Report launched

The second PIDA Week under the title “Creating Jobs through Regional Infrastructure Development” were held in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire. Also, for the second time, the PIDA Progress Report was presented as a result of the extensive PIDA M&E System.

July 2016

Launch of the 2nd PIDA CBN Report

At the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Kigali, Rwanda, the PIDA Continental Business Network launched its 2nd report titled “De-Risking Infrastructure and PIDA Projects in Africa”. One of its key recommendations concluded to establish a co-investment platform that seeks to increase the financing of African infrastructure projects by African pension funds and sovereign wealth funds