May 2016

The launch of MoveAfrica

The NEPAD Agency launched MoveAfrica as an Initiative to facilitate trade and logistics along corridors. The initiative was launched in May 2016 in Kigali on the margins of the World Economic Forum (WEF). The initiative aims to address the transformation of the transboundary transport and logistics sector in Africa. The NEPAD Agency’s focus as the Africa Union’s Development Agency is on implementing Regional Projects, in-order to promote regional markets and double digit growth, towards the Continental Free Trade Area, bearing in mind that transport and trade corridors are an increasingly common approach to accelerating cross-border investments.

November 2015

First PIDA Week, Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire

The PIDA Week was launched, as a recommendation of the PIDA Communication Network, is an information tool to increase the visibility of PIDA and in addition to it, a platform for targeted PIDA promotion and a mutual exchange between all PIDA relevant actors. The PIDA Week shall be organised once a year. Subsequently, PIDA Steering Committee Meeting was held for the first time in October 2015.

June 2015

Launch of the Continental Business Network (CBN)

The Continental Business Network (CBN) is an African Union Heads of State and Government response to facilitate private sector advice and leadership in essential continent-wide infrastructure projects, notably PIDA, through the creation of a high-level private sector forum. In this regard, the CBN acts as an exclusive Infrastructure Investment Advisory platform for African leaders, providing thought leadership and engagement on a range of strategic issues like policy, investment risk rating(s), project structuring and specifically the existing constraints to the implementation of the PIDA projects. The Network will comprise leading African and global business and finance bodies as well as regional and international organizations. The purpose of the CBN is to engage and advance private sector priorities and requirements to invest in PIDA projects.

November 2014

The Project Preparation Facilities’ (PPF) Roundtable

To address the lack of funding for project preparation, the NEPAD Agency organized a Roundtable of Project Preparation Funds (PPFs) in the course of the last ICA Annual Meetings in Cape Town/South Africa in November  2014. During this meeting, the PPFs agreed to cooperate with regards to PIDA project  preparation, since individually the different PPFs are generally too small to tackle projects the size of PIDA by themselves.The cooperation shall comprise financial cooperation, harmonization of application procedures, etc.

Introduction of the PIDA Service Delivery Mechanism (PIDA SDM)

This mechanism which is managed by the NEPAD Agency provides project implementers, most notably the Regional Economic Communities (RECs), with consultants to advise them on early stage project preparation (e.g.institutional and legal set up a project implementation and management unit.drafting of ToR for feasibility studies). The PIDA SDM is complementary with existing Project Preparation Funds (PPFs) since it helps to bring PIDA projects to the stage when feasibility studies can be undertaken. Then, PPFs can take over for the residual project preparation activities. The pilot project of this mechanism is the Abidjan-Lagos Corridor.

June 2014

The Dakar Financing Summit (DFS)

Prior to the Summit,16 PIDA-PAP projects were selected,which are of particular interest for the private sectors.These projects were presented during the Summit to mobilise additional monetary resources. Also,the DFS identified major challenges to the PIDA Vision (Lack of capacity for project preparation, lack of funding for project preparation,etc.) and developed innovative solutions to tackle those bottlenecks.