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Alternative Investments in the African Infrastructure Space

March 21, 2019
Both on and off the continent itself, Africa’s infrastructure gaps are seen as a huge investment opportunity. The AUDA-NEPAD session on ‘Scaling Risk Mitigation to enable Greater Pension Fund Investment in Africa’s Infrastructure: The African Infrastructure Guarantee Mechanism’ was organised as part of the 3rd African Pension Funds and Alternatives Investment Conference. It was well attended by an audience mostly...
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The first African Digital Rail Summit

February 25, 2019
“Africa: The continent of the digital future for rail" was the theme of the first African Digital Rail Summit, organised in Cape Town, South Africa, from 25 to 27 February, convened by AUDA-NEPAD and the International Union of Railways (IUC). The initiative is part of the African Union's Agenda 2063, of which the African Integrated High Speed Railway Network is...
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Interconnecting African capitals through High Speed Rail

February 8, 2019
Following the signing of the High Speed Rail Detailed Scoping Study contract in December 2018 and the submission of the final Inception Report to AUDA-NEPAD, CPCS Consultants held a meeting with the AUDA-NEPAD team, to discuss the status of the high speed railway network consultancy project. During the meeting, the key milestones and way forward were mapped out. A key...
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Presidential Infrastructure Champion Initiative progress

January 24, 2019
The Presidential Infrastructure Champion Initiative (PICI) was adopted to accelerate regional infrastructure development that is enabled through the political championing of projects. The role of the champions is to bring visibility, unblock bottlenecks, co-ordinate resource mobilisation and ensure project implementation. Most of the PICI projects, if not all, have made tremendous progress since its inception. The 8th Technical Task Team...
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South-South Cooperation took shape: One Stop Boarder Post (OSBP) knowledge sharing workshop in Ghana

December 6, 2018
On 5th and 6th December 2018, the NEPAD agency co-organized “Knowledge Sharing Workshop on how to make OSBPs Operational as an instrument of trade facilitation in the West and Central African Regions” in Accra, Ghana with the Government of Ghana, JICA, ECOWAS, ECCAS and UEMOA targeted on West and Central Africa. The aim of the workshop was: Improve knowledge on...
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Good governance and infrastructure development

November 27, 2018
“Africa needs to unite and work hard to reverse colonial infrastructure systems which promoted the extraction of profitable agricultural and mineral wealth for export at the expense of local communities and the continent,” Zimbabwe’s Transport and Infra-structural Development and Transport Minister, Joel Biggie Matiza said as the Programme for Infrastructure Development in Africa (PIDA) Week opened on 26 November in...
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